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Broken Garage Door Cable – What You Should Know

If you’ve ever had the experience of attempting to lift your garage door and you find it way heavier than you expected you already know how important a garage door cable is. If that little bugger has reached the end of his lifespan your garage door is most likely stuck and in almost every case it’s stuck in the down position. This means you’ve likely got some things in the garage that are now trapped inside.

There are some things you can do to temporarily open the garage but we recommend a quick call to your local garage door expert, hopefully Overhead Door of Mohawk Valley™.

** In every case we recommend having the repair done by a trained technician that has experience with this sort of issue. **

The cable is plays a major role in the counter balance system on your garage door. When a garage door cable is broken it directly affects the springs. The springs provide the pulling power and the cables do the lifting.

So there you are with your garage door down and you need to get out, it’s time for work. First you need two people, a pair of vice grips and above all else you need to disconnect your garage door opener if you have one. Attempting to use the garage door opener when the door is improperly balanced can do some pretty serious damage to the top section of the door or the motor itself. We don’t want to make things worse.

Before attempting to lift the door please inspect the broken cable and make sure it has not twisted itself around the tracks, pulleys, or anything else. We don’t want it binding at any point when we try to lift the door.

With one person on either side of the door begin to lift simultaneously. The person on the side of the door where the cable is still attached will have a much easier time. The door on the other side will seem heavier. Slowly raise the door till it reaches the up most position. At this point the person that was on the side with the good cable can let go while the other person continues to hold the door up and stays there until you are certain it is secure. Take the pair of vise grips and clamp it on the door tracks under the bottom roller on the side where the cable broke. Once you are confident it’s locked in place you should be able to let go completely and the door will stay up. **If possible secure both sides with vise grips**

Go ahead and pull your car out and DO NOT attempt to lower the garage door. You’ve already felt the weight of the door when lifting so you can imagine how difficult it will be to control if it is coming down. Leave it in the up position until a technician can come out repair it appropriately.

If you have a broken garage door cable on any door that is more than 7-8 feet high or more than 16 feet wide DO NOT attempt this, there is simply too much weight to be performed safely.

If you have any questions at all please give us a jingle. We’re happy to help.

Your Overhead Door™ Team