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What is a Low Headroom Garage Door

No it’s not when you walk into a 1870’s home and the ceilings are 6’6” high. Well maybe a little. Low headroom is low headroom no matter how you slice it.

In the garage door world low headroom is one of the measurements that is important to know before we give you an estimate or schedule your installation. It also comes on handy on some garage door service calls.

The space between the bottom of the header and the ceiling in your garage is the headroom measurement. Low headroom would be considered any distance less than (for you math wizzes out there, <14) approximately 14 inches.

(From the diagram you would subtract #3 from #1)

Why is this important you ask? The top section of your garage door needs room to move. Much like when a dance floor at a wedding reception is too small for all of us boogying the night away the top section of your door requires room to clear the ceiling on the way up. There are some minor adjustments we can make to a standard door but when a low headroom situation is identified we use what’s appropriately called “Low Headroom Track”.

Some years ago, some engineer somewhere, way smarter than I found a solution to this problem. By creating a double track system on the horizontal track he found that if the top section of the door had it’s own track to follow he could essentially “flip” that top section quicker than with a standard track system. It works flawlessly.

The only other way to get a sectional door to effectively roll up with low headroom would be to raise the ceiling joists up, move the entire roofing section up with it and if there, the room above the garage.

I like the low headroom track solution……………

Your Overhead Door™ Team