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Garage Door Showcase and Security

The garage door is probably the largest entry way into your home. Having a great garage door provides appeal and style but only if it is down. It’s hard to see the garage door when it’s in the up position so we, or course, recommend it is down most of the time.

When you forget to close your door or leave it up because it’s broken or more convenient you’re inviting passers by to take a mental inventory of your belongings.

I have personally seen garages so clean that even the floors are painted and walls are void of stacked boxes or shelving full of tools and belongings. This is not the norm. Your garage can become, and quite frequently does, a storage area for items not normally located inside your home. I’m all for it but your lawn mower is better stored in the garage and not the living room.

Keeping your home secure is one of the main functions of the garage door.

If you’re lucky enough to have an electric garage door opener then when your door is closed it is secure. We recommend one little adjustment to your opener. You should have a disconnect cord hanging down so you can operate the door manually if need be. Cut that cord to make it as short as possible while still allowing you to reach it standing on the floor. In some cases the length of that cord could be reached from the outside. This is something that received national news but we’ve yet to hear from one of our customers it happened to them. Still a good idea.

If you have no lock and would like to add one we can help. A quick phone call is all it takes and we can determine your needs to recommend a style of lock that will work for your situation.

Additionally, for those that have a garage door opener we can add another level of convenience by installing an outside wireless keypad so you can gain access to the door and close it from the outside. This can be especially helpful if you have a neighbor or relative that needs access to your garage without providing them with house keys.

If you’re a smartphone user and want the state of the art access control we can handle that too! With specific hardware you can control your garage door with your phone, see when it goes up and down, and tell how long it has been open or closed and more. If someone needs to get in and you’re not home you can open it remotely.

So keep your garage door closed, show off that awesome door all while keeping your belongings safe and secure. Showcase your home not its contents.

Your Overhead Door™ Team