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My Garage has an Uneven Floor

This is a common issue we run into especially with older garages. When your house was built and the garage floor was poured (assuming it’s concrete of course) it was level, new and gorgeous. Now some years have passed and your garage floor is less than perfect.

Mother Nature plays a large role in helping your garage floor get out of whack. The colder (frigid lately) months cause the ground to freeze and heave your floor. Then as it warms up everything tries to return to normal. The sidewalk at my house looks more like the whoop-dee-doos at a moto cross track than a surface anyone should be traversing in December or January. But I digress.

When your new garage door was installed the installers took great care to make sure the door was flush with your floor and seated properly to keep out the rain, snow, and wind. Now your garage door doesn’t seat well to the floor and Mother Nature finds her way into your garage from time to time.

Before you break out the chisel and sledgehammer or try to re-level the door yourself talk to us first. You have a couple of easier options here and we can handle either of them for you.

You could have one of our friendly staff come out to look at the issue, this is always no charge by the way, and discuss these options.

If your door is very old it may simply need to be upgraded to a new garage door system. This way our factory trained techs can install and re-seat the new door to keep the weather out.

The other, if your door is still in good repair, is to have us replace the bottom seal. The factory seal that came with the door may simply need to be replaced u but if the ebb and flow of the garage floor has created a gap wider than the factory seal can effectively cover then we’ll go a separate route. This is when we will break out our super deluxe fix all bottom seal; yes we have that, to close the gap. We have products in stock to close a gap up to about 2 inches on either side of the door and still keep your door plumb, level, and balanced.

So if you’re experiencing and uneven floor, call the experts and we’ll get you fixed up straight away. Have us inspect the side and top seal while we’re there.

Your Overhead Door™ Team