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Garage Door Replacement Windows

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Couple of kids playing in the driveway and ka-pow the baseball makes it’s way not-so-smoothly into the garage through the window. Maybe it’s a lacrosse ball or even a basketball due to an ill placed hoop.

Your garage door window is shattered. Break out the duct tape along with a piece of purchased appliance cardboard and you’re back in business temporarily. What can you do? You could pick up the phone and give us a call but if you’re even a little handy this is a fix you can easily handle yourself. In most cases the window is held in place with a few screws located around the window. Tip: tape up any glass left behind carefully before removal and if possible have someone either inside or outside the door at the same time to help hold what’s left in place for safe removal.

A quick phone call to a local glass vendor is all that’s needed. They will need the length, width of the piece as well as the thickness. The typical garage door window either has 1/8 or 1/2 inch glass and should be easy to determine.

If you’re children are little and there’s a chance that this could happen again why not go ahead and replace the window with some Plexiglas or better yet, Lexan. Both materials will be close to or less expensive than glass. The Lexan is virtually unbreakable. The downside is that the plastic products will eventually “cloud” up over time but saving the cost of yet another replacement is the idea.

If you’re going to remove the glass yourself take a look at the available window treatments available while you’re at it. Sliding in a new window overlay is an inexpensive way to give your garage door a new style.

This repair falls squarely under the you-can-do-this-yourself category but we’re always here to assist or handle completely if you’d like.

Your Overhead Door™ Team