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To Lube or Not to Lube

One of the most asked questions we get is how to lubricate your garage door. More importantly and the biggest mistake we see is WHAT to lube.

Let’s start with the lubrication schedule first. If you make time just once a year to perform an inspection of your garage door that will put you way ahead of the pack. In most cases, as a general observation, customers pay no attention to their garage door until something happens. That’s kind of ok, your door should work for years without user intervention but taking ten minutes annually will turn those years into years-and-years.

On the lubrication front we recommend a spray lubricant made specifically for the weather in our region. In a pinch you could use a lithium grease spray but we’ve seen that stuff behave badly in super cold weather. We have specially formulated spray available at all our locations.

If you take nothing from this article except this one piece of advice it will all be worth it – don’t use WD40 on your garage door. It’s a common misconception that this product lubricates when, in fact, it acts more like a solvent. Using WD40 for this application will end up having the exact opposite effect of what you are trying to do.

Next, and this tip should be inked into your memory as well, never lubricate the tracks of your garage door. They need to be clean and dry to work as engineered, not oiled or greased. Greasing them up will cause all kinds of future issues. If you have any substance on your tracks it will attract and hold dust and other particles thus creating a veritable sandpaper like surface for your rollers and they won’t appreciate that. As an aside, you CAN use WD40 to clean the tracks……

So what and where do we apply lubrication? You will need a clean rag and a can of lubricating spray.

Start with the rollers themselves, give a little squirt to the bearings (most have them exposed slightly) and also the bearing shaft where it is inserted into the hinge it’s attached to.

Lubricate the hinges where they move. A little squirt here goes a long way. Next find the pulleys and get some spray inside those bearings too.

Lastly, do the springs on your door. You don’t have to go crazy here and if you coat the rag generously and wipe down the springs that will help keep them rust free for another year and keep them happy and healthy.

When you’re done run the door up and down 5-7 times and you should have a noticeable difference in operation. That is, unless, you already do this once a year.

Your Overhead Door™ Team